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About ARBS
The Asia Reproductive Biotechnology Society is an independent, nonprofit organization established in 2004 to promote the educational and scientific interests of the reproductive biotechnology research community throughout Asia. The society includes active scientists and students working in many Asian countries, including Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Iran, Israel, Japan, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam etc. and serves as the region's premiere forum for scientific discussion and exchange in this field.

Members of the Society are engaged in the study of reproductive biotechnology in animals and human, and in research on transgenic animals, cloning, embryo development, stem cells, somatic cells reprogramming, and preservation of endangered species etc.

By-Laws of the Asian Reproductive Biotechnology Society

Article I: NAME

- The name of the Asian Reproductive Biotechnology Society (ARBS), hereafter referred to as the Society.
- The Society has been incorporated under the laws of the Asian countries and international as a non-profit membership/educational and scientific corporation.
- The principal office of the Society shall be designated by the Scientific Organizing Committee (Organization)

Article II: AIM

The Society shall further the science of reproduction, development, and stem cells by (1) Promoting young Asian scientist and students in this field; (2) promoting advance research (3); disseminating scientific and educational information; (4) maintaining high standards of scientific ethics; (5) protecting endangered animals in Asian; (6) promoting exchange students between Asian countries; and (7) cooperating with other organizations having similar purposes.

Membership in the Society should be in one of following categories

(1) Regular Membership is persons actively in education and research in fields of reproduction related to fertilization, embryo development and stem cells with a BS. MSc., Ph.D,, DVM, MD, Sc.D, or equivalent degrees. Regular Memberships are eligible to vote or hold office in the Society.
(2) Student Membership is person enrolled and studying in an academic program at the undergraduate or graduate level. Applications of student membership must be certified by an academic advisor or ARBS representative of his or her country.
(3) Associate Membership - Who is interested in Reproduction, Reproductive Biotechnology, Development, Stem Cells, Somatic Cell Reprogramming, Transgenic Animals, Genome Preservation, Germ Cells and Embryo Preservation, Endangered Animals Protection, and application of Reproductive Biotechnology in Agriculture, Human medicine and reproductive health etc.. but not meet the requirements for Regular or Student Membership.
(4) Emeritus Membership - Persons who are Regular Members of the Society and have been continuous Regular Members for a period of at least 10 years, but who deem themselves as retired from activities associated with Regular Membership. Emeritus Members have the rights of Regular Members. Emeritus Membership is granted by an application, in writing, to the Scientific Organizing Committee, who have the sole right to invoke or revoke the Emeritus
(5) The benefits of ARBS membership? Free online subscription to ARBS journals, the Society journal with full membership. This subscription provides access to ARBS journal articles from the first issue to the current one. Discounted member rate for submission for ARBS journal. Reduced registration fees for the ARBS annual meeting.


Categories of membership Renewing Members New Members

Regular or associate members

100 USD 100 USD

Emeritus members

0 0

Trainee, Pre-doctorate

30 USD 30 USD

Trainee, Post-doctorate

50 USD 50 USD

Article V: MEETING

(1) Annual Conference - There shall be an Annual Conference of the members of the Society, held in the month of October or November ordered by Organizing Committee. The time of the meeting will be ordered by ARBS committee and Local Organizing Committee (Hosted country).
(2) Place of meeting - The Annual conference shall be held in the Asian Countries, and the hosted country will be selected by ARBS Organizing Committee at the previous annual conference.


(1) The Scientific Organizing Committee shall be the governing body of the Society and it shall have control and management of the affairs and business of the Society. The Scientific Organizing Committee members shall be representative and guidelines for the conduct of the annual conference and business meeting of ARBS to members of their country.
(2) The Scientific Organizing Committee shall be had a committee meeting at ARBS annual meeting to decide the next meeting and the coming year activities of ARBS.


(1) The officers of the ARBS shall be the President, Scientific Organizing Committee Member and the Treasure.
(2) The SOCIETY will hold title to all property and funds, and shall have the right to powers vested in the laws of Asian Countries. The president of ARBS and organizing committee of ARBS will inform the funds of ARBS to all of the members at each ARBS annual meeting.